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YTJ Mission Statement

Youth Theatre Japan`s mission is to provide innovative, creative and positive youth development through a fusion of “Entertainment” and “Education.”


Accomplished with our 3 P`s: Partnership, Project, and Performance in order to create healthy, caring, and responsible individuals.


YTJ strives to instil a strong sense of community, self-value, accountability, and passion for performing art in all of our members to give them the necessary keys for success as they venture out to pursue their dreams.

About the YTJ Group

The YTJ Group is an organization which actively seeks to promote social interactions among the youth of Japan through meaningful activities. We believe that members will be able to express themselves in purposeful ways while taking advantage of opportunities for social and cultural exchanges.


Through these activities, which incorporate international collaboration, we are able to contribute to society as a whole.

YTJ Concept

YTJ is the one and only English Theatre Company for the younger generations in Japan. Our concept is a fusion of “Entertainment” and “Education.” Allowing us to provide innovative, creative and positive youth development. As we impact both local and global communities through various performances. We believe this is necessary in order for our members to learn the importance of contributing to society and giving back through the arts.


Our company has been growing rapidly over the past years, and we now have 35 studios and over 8,000 members in the Kanto, Kansai and Chubu areas.


With more studios opening next year!

YTJ Showcases

YTJ has three annual showcases which all members are welcome to join. These showcases provide members with the opportunity to showcase the skills they have acquired over the past term and to become familiar with stage productions.

Community Events and Performances

Based on demand, YTJ also performs at variety of community events, festivals, and as a back-chorus for upcoming artists throughout the year.

International Involvement

YTJ promotes global communication and cultural exchange through our performances in English, both here in Japan and abroad. We hope to convey a positive message of worldwide cooperation to our members and the countries they visit.

YTJ Staff

Currently, YTJ employs over 300 professionals in various fields of the arts. We constantly strive to foster equal communication between staff and members. At YTJ, our desire is to create an environment where members feel able to express themselves freely while receiving input from our diverse staff’s knowledge and experiences.


If you would like to work for us check out our company culture.